MKE Week 1 – Me Again!

I am so ecstatic that I have begun the Master Key classes! It has made me remember the real “me.” Over the years, society, jobs, friends, relationships.. I’ve allowed them to form me to what they believe I should be. And that’s not Me! I am so happy to begin releasing the real Me! Tonight I sit and listen to music. I love music; it sings to my soul. I’m not only listening, I’m dancing! Watch out world, Traci is coming back!



  1. Donna Taka (Hegwood) · September 30

    Bring on the joy Traci! Good for you and I love how your joy radiates through your smile. So what is it or how is it that you’ve come to this point in your journey?


    • Traci Malone · September 30

      Thank you, Donna! I’ve just started The Master Key Mastermind Alliance [MKMMA] with Mark Januszewski. It’s a powerful self-discovery adventure with daily hands-on help from Certified Guides that are helping me discover my true purpose in life, trust in myself and my dream! There’s #NothingLikeIt!


  2. Keith and Dana McCauley · October 4

    Fantastic Traci, let your light shine on everyone. Peace


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