MKE Week 3 – Cause and Effect

The last three weeks I’ve been working on my sits. To perform a sit, I need to completely clear my mind and focus on controlling my body to relax and not move. To some, this may seem an easy task; however for me, it’s been a challenge. I’ve found it difficult to turn off my mind.

As the weeks have progressed, I’m finding it easier to be still with less thoughts running through my mind… and that is exciting! The more I become in control with my body, the more control I have over my thoughts and mind. The more control over my thoughts and mind, the more control I have in achieving my bliss! My reactions and thoughts change my life. It’s freeing! I can’t wait to become more!



  1. MjM · October 17

    Hi – I could not find the comment button on your blog. I liked it and I followed it so I’ll check it out each week. Well done!


  2. pffrgm1 · October 22

    Habits!!!! We get to choose and build them. Physical, mental, spiritual, all part of the building blocks.
    Practice does make perfect, cliche? Yup! True yup! Love the sits? I do, sounds like u do 2

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