MKE Week 2 – Desire

Now we are really cooking in the Master Key Experience! Wow! It’s exciting and a bit overwhelming at the same time. What I’ve learned is our subconscious makes our decisions before we even realize it. We’ve been programmed through life on how, when, what to do properly. It has made it so we don’t think for ourselves and make own decisions and conclusions. Yes! I want to think for myself and make my own decisions.

To start beginning to think for ourselves, we need to dig deep and find what we really want out of life. Find our burning desire that gives us purpose. The deepest desires we have for life. This may seem easy, and may be for some. Yet when I started trying to think of my burning desire, I’m a bit stuck. For many years I’ve been living my life for others, to help my mother and Autistic brother. I wouldn’t change a thing, because of my love for them. To think of what “I” really want out of life is difficult to separate from living and helping others. This doesn’t mean it takes away from caring for my family; it’s to give myself my own, individual purpose. It’s exciting.

So, I’m struggling a bit figuring out, each day I’m doing my sits, clearing my mind, and allowing my burning desire to come forward. I can’t wait to see what unfolds! Stay tuned!!