MKE Week 8 and 9 – Moving On

I’ve been under the weather and some of it is stress driven. The salon I work at (I’m a self-employed Esthetician/Skin Care Specialist and rent space in the salon), the tension is high. The biggest problem is the owner is ready to retire and hasn’t kept the place up in years. A few of us are very close, so it makes it hard to leave; especially since we’d like to stay together.

Thoughts turn into things! It does happen! One of my coworkers was presented by a couple who owns some property and would like to open a new salon! YES! Our prayers have been answered! We are moving to a brand new Salon with owners who care about us and the Salon.

Even with not feeling well and struggling with getting all my readings in, it still happened. It makes me realize, the more I give MKE, the more I will receive. I’m so grateful! More to come on the move and becoming the best me!

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